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d e s c r i b e d a s f i v e

Dec 14 '13

Somethings, tidings, turning too far round.

On my back. Just so long as the turning doesn’t stop it spins forever – let it get louder – don’t exist above the noise.

The three hours after that witch were filled with a busy sleep: two secs, no test, turning, flasking, cold-tight scared and sacred. When you’re speaking to me, I listen but don’t speak back. Close to the wall, closed eyes showing what? Imagining closer.

Answers from me to you sit loudly.

Oh yeah I get it: there we are, just there. I know what you mean. Smiley.

Feel timely time.

Small steps leading to small things.

If this is the kind of thing they used to talk about, so what. He didn’t care, he didn’t worry.

Give it to me, I’ll take some.

Tang time - preservatives are so sweet. Never tasting like I want. Take the lid of and you’ll go off. Off your head.

I’m working on you to move.

Dec 14 '13

Memory stick in the sun comes up,

Next with the captain’s hat.

Hi from the 0033 thing I am -

Loves the place, bend the rain.

Will call on my only communication with your bro. I know.

Thanks Manchester for giving us some respite, but this ones dead.

Anyone currently getting paid?

Sep 29 '13

You could get crabs to this song

Oi jazzy mother fuckers take some drugs

This must have been recorded in a sunny sunny place son

Just listen

Aug 22 '12


Bibliothèque nationale de France

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Aug 22 '12
Jul 8 '12




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Jul 4 '12


Please say it again. Please tell me your opinion one more time. I haven’t heard it for almost a whole day now I’m starting to feel a little strange. I almost forgot you existed – all of you. But then one of you drove past and shouted to remind me. Thanks. See you next time.

Jun 15 '12

her eyes were bright and pandered


her eyes were bright and pandered

Jun 12 '12
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May 10 '12